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The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.

It features a strong female friendship. One of the more ill-conceived plot lines of the first two seasons was the love triangle between Korra, Mako, and Asami. But just because Korra and Asami were into the same guy, that didn’t mean they resented one another. In fact, the two ended up bonding over their shared romantic history and by Season Three, they became a power pair. And their talents perfectly complement one another: Korra represents the traditional world of spiritualism and bending while Asami represents the technological future.

So it’s fun to watch them fight and solve problems together. But beyond that, it’s satisfying to watch these two very different women support one another, teach one another, and laugh together, forming a stronger bond than either had with their shared ex-boyfriend.

- 11 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Legend Of Korra

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teacher: wheres your homework

me: *swings a really big sword*

teacher: holy shit


*lays down with a wet hand towel on my forehead*

i love avatar korra so much

    Marvel Hero Ask-Me

  • Spider-Man: How have you dealt with some of the tragedies in your life?
  • Captain America: What are some things you believe in?
  • Iron Man: Ever had any epiphanies?
  • Thor: Talk about your relationship with your family.
  • Hawkeye: Talk about a time you got a second chance
  • Black Widow: Tell a secret?
  • Captain Marvel: Are you the recipient of a legacy?
  • Ms. Marvel: Talk about something new you're doing.
  • She-Hulk: What keeps you busy?
  • Hulk: How do you feel about being alone?
  • Luke Cage: Talk about when you've been treated unfairly, on a small or large scale.
  • Black Panther: How do you feel about your country?
  • Black Cat: Do you have a code of ethics?
  • Daredevil: What is something others see as a weakness, but you know to be a strength?
  • Doctor Strange: Talk about a moment your life changed paths.
  • Cyclops: What do you worry about?
  • Jean Grey: What is something about yourself you can't control?
  • Storm: What do people look up to you for?
  • Rogue: What makes it hard for people to get close to you?
  • Shadowcat: Talk about growing up.
  • Beast: Favorite book?
  • Nightcrawler: Religious beliefs?
  • Scarlet Witch: What things have you broken?
  • Quicksilver: Who do you feel protective toward?
  • Wolverine: What are things you regret?
  • Mr. Fantastic: How controlling can you be?
  • Invisible Woman: Talk about a process of finding your identity.
  • Human Torch: Can people take you seriously?
  • Thing: Your body-- what are you insecure about? What do you love?
  • Black Bolt: What don't you ever do?
  • Silver Surfer: (Where?) do you want to wander?
  •   ... Any others?
Anonymous said: what fictional character is your favorite rn? like who do you love most

Woah thanks for the ask it’s nice to know ppl pay attention to my blog even though I’m very inconsistent with posting. That’s really hard because my personality has been changing and I’m not as obsessed with things as I was before. I would have to say Katniss And Korra would honestly be the ones I can most relate to. Katniss has been a role model to me since 5th grade and we think in a similar way. She taught me it’s ok to cry and u can’t be the strongest and smartest in all instances. She will always be my favorite character. Korra is also a babe and she has a lot of personality attributes I feel I have although I do don’t present them sometimes in front of ppl. She is determined, always feels she has to succeed, and cocky as hell. Both characters journeys really connect with me and I love them. I hope this answers ur question! If not just shoot me another!(:

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"These crabs taste in-crab-ible."


Thursday night in Ferguson, September 25-26. Part Three.

the original trio