Small Grey Outline Pointer A living Catalyst


Long exposure, 3 traffic lights in the fog.


when someone asks about my love life


“Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America.”

Captain America Doesn’t Need To Be A Jerk To Be Interesting  (via juvjuvychan)

Anonymous said: Is this a halloween url because if it is you win


i love how everyone knows that this is a halloween url already like this fandom is so set on bi steve that we can’t even take assertions of steve’s heterosexuality seriously


my ride’s here later losers


You saved the world. We rather mucked it up.


this is gonna sound kind of pretentious but I wish they played foreign movies in theaters here like how they play american movies all around the world. we could use the variety and honestly anything to give awful modern comedies less screen times

[97/100] → scarlett johansson